Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Movie night

Maddy's famous cheese and fruit platter, can be bought in any trader joe's near you!
Ladies movie night took place last night at our residence. Maddy informed me of this, weekly event the morning of and i had no idea what sort of debauchery and gorging was ahead of me. Maddy took it upon herself to create a cheese platter, which i have provided a picture of above. There was wine, lamb chops, and fancy salt of sorts on the food front. The entertainment department was provided by Liz, who brought "Drop Dead Gorgeous" for our enjoyment. The night ended well, with a tipsy desert run to our local Metropolitan Market, where more wine was purchased to be devoured once we returned home. It was a successful evening, which I'm sure will be repeated in the weeks to come.
Above the wine and Fancy salts brought to you by Liz...